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Prophet OpenWorld – Past, Present and Future: Your Event Guide From an OOW Veteran

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Top 5 Surveillance Industry Trends from IFSEC International

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From Inception to RFC – The SCIM Story

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The Reality of Disruptive Tech

We've all observed tech advertisers utilize an in vogue expression to push their contributions. A portion of these expressions get tangled in the push to elevate and they start to lose a touch of thei[…]

Command Line Interfaces Being Used by API-Related Companies

Prior to the ascent of graphical interfaces and showy client work areas, the Command Line Interface (CLI) was the best way to cooperate with a PC. Be that as it may, the retro CLI is making a rebound.[…]

The Benefits of a Serverless API Backend

Envision if your backend had no foundation. No lasting server, no place for your API to call home. Sounds somewhat disheartening, isn't that right? For reasons unknown, serverless backends could be th[…]